LBC for Coronavirus Prevention Charities (update)

1,142 my accumulated Channel LBC amount so far which I will donate to Coronavirus prevention charities during this horrendous and tragic pandemic event.

My Accumulated LBC amount so far for Coronavirus prevention charities.

Any tips or support for my Channel, content and art is appreciated (follow the link below to donate to this cause and for more of my LBRY weekly multimedia art content) 👇🏽


#Gratitude 🙏🏻 

Don Franco


Raquel of the Welch (Cult Film content on

One Million Years B.C.

Smoking hot Cro-Magnon female in the shape of Raquel Welch for Hammer films ‘One Millions Years B.C.’ movie

Hammer films foray into making the prehistoric era sexy.

Digi-Dux (colour correction and colour balance edit for clarity on the image by The Don).

All proceeds accumulated in my channel tips and support over on LBRY will go to Coronavirus prevention charities. Thanks and gratitude for your contributions 🙏🏻

Don ✌🏼

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To be … or not to be … that is the question Count Dracula ?

Vampiric Giffery by The Don celebrating the astounding Dracula performances by the late great Christopher Lee in the classic Hammer Horror films.

Gif and Gif Design by Count Alucard

All channel support and tips go to charities for prevention of Coronavirus. Thanks for your donations 🙏🏻

Gif channel content for LBRY tv
Count Alucard

More classic horror content on my LBRY site. Check out the link below. All proceeds in LBC Crypto currency will go to charity. Thanks for your donations.

Meaningful discussions on Life & Morality

Hoping all my fellow WordPress bloggers are safe and well.

See the link provided for a meaningful discussion over on LBRY started by the platforms CEO Jeremy Kauffman.

I’m still raising LBC over on that site to contribute to charities involved in the prevention / spread of the Coronavirus. I’ve raised nearly 800 LBC so far. Your contributions in support and tips for my channel content are welcome and 100% of the LBC accumulated will be donated. Thank you.

‘Winters woes are waining as Spring returns‘

(008) More of my winter themed photography from local haunts in and around where I live.

‘Winters woes are waining as Spring returns‘
by Don Franco Photography ©

Photo by Don Franco (c) Prints available to purchase on request.

LBC channel support and tips on LBRY will all go towards Charities involved in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. Thanks for your support.

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