What a … HEAP!

Here’s a absolute gem of a Pulp Comic find as presented for your weekend reading delectation and perusal 📖👀

Before Swamp Thing and Man Thing was the slime ridden ‘Heap.’ Check out the number #1 comic cover on display in all its four colour glory below✌🏼

The Heap Comic as presented on ‘The Digital Hedgerow’© by The Don
The Heaps origin story (clearly copied by Marvel and DC in later years!)

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Ciao for now … The Don.


More fetid finds of pulp magazine goodness from ‘The Digital Hedgerow’ © (as presented by Don Franco on WordPress and LBRY tv).

Romansexy mag’ 👌🏻👍🏼

Frankenstein’s Monster as you’ve never seen him before from the sordid pages of the excellent ‘Romansexy’ magazine ✌🏼

Ey Up! Frankie get thee kit off !

Motion blog animation and design with additional music by The Don. See the whole presentation via the LBRY tv link below👇🏽


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The Dark Prince …

A ‘Digital Hedgerow’© presentation featuring this astounding illustration of Christopher Lee as Count Dracula 👌🏻✌🏼

The Darkest Prince of Vampirism … Christopher Lee 🦇

Digital Redu❌, and scan clean up by Count Alucard as part of my ‘Digital Hedgerow’ content on LBRY tv and WordPress.

More frenetic ‘Digital Hedgerow’ cult magazine finds to come later this week … (stay tuned)✌🏼

Fight! … Fight! … Fight! 💥👊🏼

… Calamitous Girly Cat Fights as presented by The Don from the archive finds of ‘The Digital Hedgerow’ ©

A ‘Digital Hedgerow’ presentation by The Don

This weeks helping of cult pulp mag’ finds is a animated extract from ‘Teen Feud’ comic (story and art by Rex) ✌🏼👌🏻

Motion blog cumpilation and slideshow design by The Don.

Motion blog comic presentation by The Don

‘The Digital Hedgerow’ Concept plus additional music … by The Don✌🏼 Follow the link below to view the ‘Teen Feud’ video clip 💥👊🏼


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Rosalba Neri (70’s pinup photography) 📸👌🏻

Straight from the ‘Digital Hedgerow’ © …

As presented by The Don for your perceptive perusal.

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This beautifully shot photo of ‘Rosalba Neri‘ taking a outdoor shower shows us why 70’s pin up photography was of the highest order 📸👌🏻

Lovingly retouched and colour corrected by The Don

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More cult content like this on my WordPress blog and LBRY tv Channel ✌🏼

Taste the Whip! 💥

More fruity finds from ‘The Digital Hedgerow’ …

Featured here is a sensual but rather painful looking rendering by Sylvia from ‘Janus’ magazine 👌🏻

Taste the Whip! 💥
Digi~Dux edit by The Don 💥👋🏼

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Vinatage Gals … modern looks 🌹

More refined content from ‘The Digital Hedgerow’ © as presented by The Don ✌🏼

The two vintage beauties presented here could still hold there own (with their smouldering looks) against the modern models of today.

Typically Latin in looks … the gorgeous Lee Sands.
Vintage girls with Modern looks. Digi-Dux edits by The Don